Our Mission

We believe that while any community should cater to the majority of its populist, we also feel it should still consider the value of all concerned or effected. In addition, we understand it is the leaders who often inspire the groups direction, personality, motivation, and momentum. Therefore those leaders should have both empathy and tolerance yet push or pull us to an ever higher plateau. At ioClub.io we choose to use our leadership abilities to inspire each to achieve more within themselves while striving to lift those around them as well. We think that a decentralized environment backed with common goals complements this strategy nicely. Our hope is that this strategy will reward those contributing to the community in fine fashion, yet by paying it forward to the group as a whole there will never be an excessive piling of spoils for a select few. Given the choice to be part of a company that would produce one of the wealthiest or a company that could produce the most millionaires or one w/ the highest median income-we choose the latter.