Our Vision

My project vision is of a peer to peer nature, one that would like to capitalize on the decentralized mindset involving existing block chain solutions as well as those on the horizon. The site idea itself is a three fold vision of social interaction, the first is primarily that of knowledge sharing and discussion of the latest technology advances in a variety of siloed fields of expertise. This will be accomplished through siloed topic web page portals. (each with their own io domain title/access) Each page portal will have topic related useful widgets like latest topic news, siloed forum discussions, and regular partner content submissions by thought leaders in their respective fields.  The site will be public facing to attract new members and those newly interested in the latest cutting edge technologies as well as those wanting to grow and learn. The primary focus will be on multi-layered membership to the site/Club. Layers beginning with, those just browsing site/forums, those verified to participate in forums/discussions, up to those verified as leaders in their field of expertise. The verified refers to no anonymous participants, with verification standards of those claiming to be “in the field” to avoid trolls, the argumentative or belligerent, or even just  misrepresentation of a particular project level/expertise/ or experience level. Hoping to assure high quality discussions, interactions, and trustworthiness.(The kind rarely found anywhere on the internet today)

Blockchain solutions would include P2P tipping in discussions, for insightful thoughts, for advice, or general answers to questions. Also a Bitcoin/alt-coin in-house fee free payment solution (through the BTCpay network) that can be utilized by members to monetize various streams of revenue provided by/through the Club.

As this is the bare bones of the concept, to give you an idea about the scope of project, that being utilizing current/future products of first/second/third layers of the coming blockchain among the group as a Club as well as negotiation of product discounts, or other future benefits through membership, as the community grows in numbers. The primary goal being to enrich the P2P community w/P2P technology, through an associated mindset, rather than a corporate headquarters hell bent on PROFITS. Profits gained by misrepresentation of information gathering, the out right stealing of it, or the intrusive tracking and in your face gorilla advertising.